Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Down to the Wharf" Camden, ME

20x20 acrylic
Camden, ME is a really beautiful town - quaint little shops and chowder houses, a glimpse of the harbor from just about anywhere in town, and winding little streets that lead right down to the huge wharf where all the activity seems to be.
It was a foggy day when I took the photo that I used for this painting, but I guess that's the usual since the Maine coast is known for its fog.  I think this painting has a calm, peaceful feel to it - kind of like early hours of the morning before the harbor gets busy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Camden Catnap"

This is one of my larger paintings, destined for The Small Wonder gallery in Camden, Maine this summer.  When I took the photo for this painting a couple summers ago, I didn't realize that there was a hammock and a man sleeping in it, until I got home and looked a little closer.  -I think a foggy afternoon, the sounds of the harbor, and a comfortable hammock make an ideal place for a catnap!

my "Studio"

Thought I would post this for fun... my "studio" is in the center of the kitchen - perfect for the kids because I am right there in the middle of things, able to answer questions, be involved in conversations, and generally mantain my position as the hub of the wheel in the family.  It took some getting used to, years ago, when I realized that this was the only way I would be able to paint and, at the same time, raise a family.  Works for me - someday I might have a specific space all my own, but I know if I had that space right now, I wouldn't use it.