Monday, November 10, 2014

Something out of the ordinary - Metaphorical Self Portrait I and II

      Metaphorical Self Portrait I                                    Metaphorical Self Portrait II
      drypoint on tea-stained paper, watercolor          drypoint on tea stained paper, watercolor,                                                                                   pop-up book style

 A metaphorical self-portrait goes beyond the physical characteristics that people use to identify one another.  Beyond the surface of what other people see lies the inner-most part of a person that is inherently the essence of who they are.  When an artist creates a metaphorical self-portrait, the process of engaging in the search for one’s true identity is more important than the resulting artwork.
            I was particularly interested in this project, due to a life journey in which my sense of self has been challenged, up-ended, and at times, lost.  I am certain that I am not alone in this experience, for life’s happenings touch us all, sometimes causing so much loss that self-identity is lost as well.  When I questioned my own identity, I had to look past the surface of the changeable, the temporary and the opinions of others to peer down into my soul.  It was there that I found my foundation, and the axis upon which all that I truly know and understand in this life rests upon.  It was there that I remembered the very core of who I am and what has remained consistent throughout my life.
            For this self-metaphorical project, I created a dry point matrix and purposely developed two very different prints from it.  One print is the essence of what I found within my search for identity, and the other is a visual mystery, akin to the surface level understanding that most people have of one another.