Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coastal Buoys

Coastal Buoys
16x12" acrylic
I enjoyed working on this painting.  While my eye is drawn to the different shapes
and colors, I think my favorite part is how the sunlight creates patterns on the shed
and illuminates the buoys.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beach Kids

Searching for Crabs
14x11" acrylic
I love the way the group of children, the rocks and the reflections lead the eye
around this composition. Two of the children are my niece and nephew and the other child is just along for the hunt.  It's great to see how children just join in with each other to play.
This painting was more challenging than I had first thought. 
When you paint, you must always keep in kind that all tones/values are to be painted in relation to each other.  The other challenge was the fact that I expanded the original photo and had to imagine what elements would continue off the edges and around the sides. 
Overall, I like the happy, colorful impression of this painting. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Glen's Lobsters

11x11 watercolor
This painting was a long time coming, as I have been holding on to the photo I took
of this little lobster shack for several years.
I couldn't remember where along the Maine coast I had taken this photo - only that 
we had crossed a bridge to discover this beautiful little cove dotted with
sailboats and fishing boats.  
I looked up Glen's Lobsters online and apparently the name of this little cove is Mackeral Cove, located on beautiful Bailey's Island. 
So here's a "shoutout" to Glen -
(who might have even made it into the painting!) - your lobster shack and wharf
are quintessential "Down East" Maine!