Sunday, January 10, 2016

Glen's Lobsters

11x11 watercolor
This painting was a long time coming, as I have been holding on to the photo I took
of this little lobster shack for several years.
I couldn't remember where along the Maine coast I had taken this photo - only that 
we had crossed a bridge to discover this beautiful little cove dotted with
sailboats and fishing boats.  
I looked up Glen's Lobsters online and apparently the name of this little cove is Mackeral Cove, located on beautiful Bailey's Island. 
So here's a "shoutout" to Glen -
(who might have even made it into the painting!) - your lobster shack and wharf
are quintessential "Down East" Maine!

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  1. Absolutely Maine Christine. One of these days we will get together so I can have you paint something special!