Thursday, February 9, 2017

North Atlantic Fish Houses

16x20" Oil on Canvas
As I explore Route 1A along the Maine and NH coast, I often wander
onto different paths, such as this one.  The early morning sun was trying to burn off the coastal fog as I walked alone down this beautiful dirt path. Tiny cottages were on my left and large, flat stones with colorful Adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean were on my right.
After painting this scene, I did some research and found out that these tiny buildings
were once known as "the fish houses" of North Hampton, NH.  There used to be 16 of them, and they were the hub of the local fishermen, who used to bring in their catch of cod and other fish to sell to people who came from far inland in search of fresh fish. The little path that I was walking on was once known as "the winter road to the fish houses."
These historic buildings were often passed down from father to son, and they were used as fish houses for most of the 19th century.  Through the years, there has been court cases involving town and private ownership of the land, and today, the 12 remaining "fish houses"
are mostly used as summer rentals.

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