Sunday, May 21, 2017

Maine Lobsterman: Sold

This painting just sold to a collector in Camden, Maine, and I thought I would write about the day that inspired this quintessential Maine coast scene. 
One beautiful Saturday morning, I invited my mother to join me for a drive up the Maine coast.  We stopped in little harbors here and there along the way so that I could take reference photos for paintings. 
In one harbor, we saw a small fishing boat pass and it stopped right at the dock to unload their catch of lobsters.  I took several photos of the lobstermen, with their fishing overalls and suspenders, unloading their catch.  The scene was so interesting, with the colorful baskets and buckets tipped this way and that, and the bright blue bands of the lobsters catching the morning sun.  Even though it was a modern boat and equipment, there was an aura of Maine tradition and generations past.  I thought of the immense amount of hard work that goes into fishing and yet how people who do this for a living love the sea and the feeling of freedom as they head out of the harbor. I can only imagine that after several generations, it becomes part of one's DNA.

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