Sunday, July 23, 2017

Painting Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Summer
11x9" watercolor
I painted this "en plein air" this weekend for the "Wet Paint Event" at the NHAA. 
It was quite an experience sitting in the middle of Market Street, in front of the North Church, to paint with many people watching.    

I also painted a fence and beautiful yard of a super nice couple, whose family has lived on Kittery Point for many generations.  The older coupled came out and chatted with me about the history of the place and admired the painting of their fence in the evening light.  Not long after they left, the church bells from the little white church across the street began playing hymns I knew.  I stood there in the evening sun, listening to the bells and the birds and thought about the nice couple with a strong sense of place, and felt like the area was a little bit of paradise. 
 12x12" Kittery Point Yard, acrylic
An artist friend took this pic at my first location painting plein air.

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