Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beginning an Art Journal: A New Year Reflection

Since I am teaching a workshop on visual journaling in a couple of weeks, I was inspired to engage in the journaling process myself.   The art of visual journaling is also the art of mindfulness, where one engages in reflection without a plan and without fear of making mistakes.
This piece contains three phrases I wrote out and pinned to the corkboard above my drawing table several years ago.  I pinned them there for inspiration as I began the whirlwind adventure of pursuing my art while earning two degrees and working as a single parent.
Perhaps this journal page will be inspiration for someone else who is beginning new challenges.

Monday, December 18, 2017

O Holy Night

12 x 16"
mixed media
"O Holy Night" is one of my many favorite Christmas carols.  I really didn't have a plan when I started this one.  Sometimes I kind of see what I want to do beforehand, and then carefully plan it out.  This time, I just did what came to mind each step of the way; so even though there were a few times that I thought I would toss it, I just let it keep developing despite the decisions that I thought had possibly ruined it. 
Despite the loose style of calligraphy and lack of much else to illustrate it but the angel, I like the result. The message of the carol is emphasized, which is most important, after all. I added quite a bit of gold and silver paint to this piece, which makes the original one of those which will rival any print that represents it.
Details that show the metallic accents