Saturday, January 6, 2018

Art Journal page - mixed media

I am beginning a journey in mixed media and practicing impressionism within the pages of an art journal.  I enjoy my painting process, but sometimes I am so taken with the impressionistic work of others that my throat aches due to the longing to be able to create a sense of something rather than a replica of something. 
Here is a page I did the other night.  It is of my daughter and her dog when we went to the beach one unusually warm winter day a few years ago.  I painted watercolor and acrylic washes together (never before have I tried that!) with little regard to the outcome and kept manipulating them and layering texture over them to create this scene.  The process was a little like being on a reckless ride down a hill, where you feel you're going to fall any moment. I didn't care when it looked terrible and seemed wrecked - I just kept painting the feeling I got from that evening on the beach.  It was quite fun.

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