Bible Inspired Art

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The Creation of Adam
Michelangelo (1509) 
       Throughout history, people have created art that reflects the human dimension of spirituality.  Some of the greatest and most well-known works of art have been inspired by the Biblical account, such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling. 
        The very essence of who I am - my identity - is defined by my relationship to God; so it is only natural that my art reflects this inspiration.  As a young teen, I began drawing different Biblical themes, many of which were based on prophetic scripture.  As I've studied the Bible throughout my life, I've continued to be inspired to create art that resonates the glory of God.  
       Although the inspiration is vast and my ideas for works of art are many, I have only a few images to show.  The challenge of finding time and even certain materials has been constant throughout the past years; but I am determined to continue this journey regardless of the slow pace.
The Seven Churches of Revelation (chapters 1-3)
48 x 36" mixed media on canvas
       This painting is based on the John's prophetic message to the seven churches in Revelation.  This painting may not be finished, as I am considering changing the center. For a long time, only the seven churches were finished and the center remained blank.  Although I have since painted the center, I have been considering changing it for some time now, so only time will tell if this painting is truly finished.


Christmas Carols:
O Little Town of Bethlehem

O Holy Night
mixed media

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
mixed media


God's protection of children 
Inspirational artwork for the defense of children trapped in human trafficking


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